Sunday Sads: A Mirror and a Mic

FullSizeRender (15)If there’s anything I’m good at it’s being deeply, intrinsically, thoughtfully sad. Especially on a waning Sunday. If there’s anything I’m bad at, it’s commitment. So, while I’d like to say I’ll do this every Sunday, or almost every Sunday, or even one Sunday a month, I know I probably won’t because I know I probably can’t commit.

But at the very least, this Sunday– this Sunday– I’m bringing you another edition of The Sunday Sads. I posted my first Sunday Sads post a few weeks ago and liked how it constructive it felt to share my struggles and help others in the process. I was surprised to see how many people related to some of the things I do to battle the sadness that comes with a Sunday afternoon.  

This week I’m taking it back to the mirror. Not the self-love-Sunday-embrace-all-your-flaws mirror. I’m talkin’ bout the grown & sexy– & late for school– mirror.

My family moved to “the big house” in high school. My sister and I reveled in the size of our new wall-to-wall mirror, which spanned two sinks and the space in between. We would spend many-a-school night, and early school morning, performing songs in this mirror and gossiping in between sets. Bringing back our good old carefree showtime days, I’ve compiled a list of the songs to which we gave our best performances.

I get the chills when I hear these songs and I’m apt to bust out with the uncle-at-the-bbq “MMMMMMMPH!” whenever they come on. Making this list on Apple Music took me back. It made me feel young and silly again. It transported me to a time when I was Musiq and Bee was Mary, or I was Gladys and Bee was The Pips, or I was The Dells and Bee was Patti. Making this list made me smile that secret smile that makes other metro riders to wonder just how many drugs you’re on. It was a serene way to end my Sunday.

My list probably won’t help you swim past your Sunday sadness, but perhaps making your own will. Give it a try. Think of the memories in your life that have a specific soundtrack. Recall the songs that fill those memories. Make the playlist and have a happy Sunday! All you need is a mirror and a “mic”.

[P.S. Have any of my readers actually heard New Birth songs? The Five Heartbeats soundtrack? Hall & Oates?]

xo,  Roco

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