My Top Eight: My Favorite Snippets from #30Layers30Days

First, shouts to my girl GG (@ggreneewrites) for the  #30Layers30Days writing challenge. This year’s challenge really reawakened my writing bug, and I’m ever grateful for the push. This go ‘round, I journaled, I blogged, I scribbled during conference calls, dictated notes to Siri while driving, and for the most time this year, I woke up […]

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Faith and Forever: The Yetti Appreciation Post

“Commit this into your brain and heart: You can not get rid of me. Not now, not ever.” -Yetti When my “Auntie” Raine stood near my Gram’s casket and declared Ms. Minnie the best friend anyone could ever have, she planted the seed for my faith in friendship. Fifty years, countless tragedies, unspeakable secrets, and […]

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What Five Blades Can Do That Three Can’t

We text about the silly things, making mundane affairs matter. In a fit of feminism and badassery, I made the switch to men’s razors this Sunday. I know, I’m always late to the trendy party. I announced the switch to my friend, who, for the purpose of this post, is named June. I told her […]

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