The Cousin Tag With My Mini-Me [VIDEO!]

We’ve been joined at the hip since ’05. Literally, because I always carried this kid around. From the days she wouldn’t talk and would only clap to music, Kel Kel and I have been marching to our own beat of a very unique drum. Meet my mini-me, the next RP!    

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6 Things I’m Only Comfortable Admitting With #NotCrazyButHuman [GIVEAWAY]

Next Wednesday Yetti’s Certified 10 is making the mental health space for women of color a little more comfortable by inviting you to tweet (or Instagram, or Facebook) about your insecurities, flaws, or mental health battle. It’s going down July 5th & 6th. More details AND a #NotCrazyButHuman Care Package giveaway at the end of […]

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Let’s Make This A Thing

I was inspired by reading my dead aunt’s journal and not recognizing the woman behind the words. It was written in her hand, and used her tone of voice, but her version of events threw me for a loop. So many of her entries were imbued with pain; I swore I knew a happier woman. […]

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