Why I’m Moving Out

There’s no peace here. I’m writing amidst breaking glass and gunshots. There’s a helicopter severing the air and a man just unleashed a guttural scream. More shots are ringing out and I think my ears just witnessed a murder. It’s all on TV, but it infiltrates my peace nonetheless. I know I’m late to the […]

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The Cousin Tag With My Mini-Me [VIDEO!]

We’ve been joined at the hip since ’05. Literally, because I always carried this kid around. From the days she wouldn’t talk and would only clap to music, Kel Kel and I have been marching to our own beat of a very unique drum. Meet my mini-me, the next RP!    

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6 Things I’m Only Comfortable Admitting With #NotCrazyButHuman [GIVEAWAY]

Next Wednesday Yetti’s Certified 10 is making the mental health space for women of color a little more comfortable by inviting you to tweet (or Instagram, or Facebook) about your insecurities, flaws, or mental health battle. It’s going down July 5th & 6th. More details AND a #NotCrazyButHuman Care Package giveaway at the end of […]

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