Misery at the Mercy of the Metro

I left at 5:00 pm sharp. Sharp, you hear me? Determined to have a peaceful and productive evening that leads into a peaceful and productive weekend. But the WMATA is the veins of satan himself and so I was made to wait. And wait and wait and wait. Forty minutes passed before I gave up […]

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The Most Lit Funeral I’ve Ever Attended

It felt like church on first Sunday. I clapped and laughed and sang and was almost a little jarred each time I remembered there was a casket in front of me. A few glances to the left would remind me of the major loss felt there. I looked at my clapping hands and leaned in […]

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In Almost Memory of Tamesha Tyree

The first thing thing that comes to mind when Daddy tells me she’s brain dead is Emily King’s “Every Part.” I don’t summon it, it just plays, gently like background music to my next thought: “She’s always been brain dead.” It’s a reflex. I want to say it. Then I want to laugh. Because that’s […]

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A Letter To My Suicidal Friend

Dear friend, Suicide is crazy. And I say that with all the rights, privileges, and diagnoses required for use of the word “crazy.” Suicide. Is. crazy. I’ve been crazy. I shut my eyes on that highway. I contemplated those pills. I traipsed the tactile paving near an oncoming train and dared the wind to blow […]

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