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Let’s Make This A Thing

I was inspired by reading my dead aunt’s journal and not recognizing the woman behind the words. It was written in her hand, and used her tone of voice, but her version of events threw me for a loop. So many of her entries were imbued with pain; I swore I knew a happier woman. […]

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That Time I Peeked Into My Hero’s Journal

Whenever I walk into that apartment, I’m flooded with an acute mixture of intimidation, admiration, and comfort. The walls are a deep red and adorned with as much Biggie street art as they are with master’s degrees. At the window, the gauzy cream curtains billow calmly in the breeze, giving way to glimpses of busy […]

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All Summer ’16: The Summer Bucket List

I was 16 when I made my first summer bucket list. I was going to get a hand modeling gig. I was going to build a tire swing (with my beautiful hands?). I was going to attend a foam party. I was going to buy a yellow dress. I did none of those things. In […]

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