I am constantly re-writing myself.

Person in photo is typically taller than she appears.

As of today I am a:

23 24 25-year-old something in the D.C. area, and I’m not coming out if I have to parallel park.

Creative spirit to my core, running on sunlight & sisterhood.

Not-so-private private in the mental illness infantry.

Writer, blogger, video producer, sensitive artist, rare gem of a friend.

I don’t eat er’body potato salad and I don’t listen to er’body podcast.

Let me tell you a story.


The Blog

Ever So Roco doesn’t have a process. I don’t adhere to word counts or a posting schedule. I don’t subscribe to a set of branding photos. I don’t have a media kit and I don’t care to list any must-haves for the season. 

This space is not here for clicks or conversions. I’m not selling anything but a story here. My story. Ever so Roco is the truth as I see it, plus my two cent tax.





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