Sweet Bit: September

Wordsmith, Comma Queen, Child of God who needed a serious break.

I know, I know, I was supposed to be gone for the month of September and come back all rejuvenated and ready to write. I’ll spare you the details of my mess, but, between a painful secret being revealed (…to everyone!), to getting a full-time job and keeping my part-time, to the typical existential 20’s traffic congesting my conscience to, yet and still, being blessed beyond all reason and measure, ya girl has been physically and emotionally exhausted.

I been writin’, I been writin”.
My backseat “blog,” where I’ve been writing
for the past few months.

But, I have been writing. Please believe that.

So, I ask that you, my loyal readers, forgive my absence. I needed that break in September. I needed it.

September is my time-out from all things intense. It’s as if every year, God flips His heavenly calendar at the close of August and commands the world to halt. September is that sweet bit of 30 days between the merciless heat of August and the crisp, colorful, change of October. In September, God peels back the humidity of the summer and commands the world to just chill.

And chill I did. For the past two years, September has been my time to focus, fast and commune with God. I log out of my favorite social media websites, cut off most contact with my friends, and look to the Lord. It does my soul good every time. I mean, the proof is in the pudding:

September, as I defined it at the close of August: The beginning of the death of all things lush and green. The first month of my downFall, Autumn; the time of year when everything but my existentialism begins to die.

And now I can only say that September has been sweet to me. I’m back now. I’m ready.     photo signature_zps6dba432d.png

xo,  Roco

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