Lost & Found: What Binds Us Together Recap

The lovely ladies of What Binds Us Together Brunch, August 2015


We failed miserably. What started as an attempt to vlog the whole day of Erica’s What Binds Us Together Brunch ended up as a few clips of Yetti and I being sour about the heat and a clip of a guy dancing on the train. Lost that game.

In fact, I can count a lot of losses from that day. There were moments in the morning when I lost my will to even attend the brunch as the snake of anxiety coiled tightly in my chest and I broadcasted from bed that I was not going. Yetti wasn’t having it. We had to have lost a good liter of sweat traveling through the layer of hell that is the New York Subway system. We lost time. Time time time time time. Time trying to figure out how to print one thing or the other. Time waiting on that forsaken train. Time in that Uber, stuck in traffic behind a surprise parade.

I finally arrived to the What Binds Us Together brunch about forty-five minutes behind my anxiety, and the losses continued in the best way possible. I lost my mind laughing at Ty of Gorgeous in Grey. I lost my cool the second Erica referenced this post about the death of my aunt. I didn’t need my cool anyway.

What I found that Sunday, though, amounts to more than the sum of all my losses, squared. That afternoon I found revolutionaries like Ashley. It’s one thing to re-tweet Ashley, but to hear her words spoken over and around you? Makes you want to add “yasssss,” to the dictionary! I found a debuting blogger with an amazing story (wait on it!). I found another safe space, where women can just be. I found a room full of allies serving up tough love and tight hugs. And you know what they say, finders keepers. No one can pull together good vibes and better stories like Ms. Erica. Can not wait for next year!

xo,  Roco

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