Just What the Doctor Ordered: My Personal Prescription for a Better Year in 2017

We’re not even gonna talk about 2016. We’re not wrapping it up, we are simply shutting it down. That’s over, it’s cancelled. In effort to rebuild after the-year-that-must-not-be-named, I made a list of easy pills to swallow to make it through 2017.  

Be a gracious part of the wheel. The only thing I know for certain is that life is an ever-turning wheel. I’ll be over then under then over again. I can always expect that change. In 2017, I will be better about reaching out when I’m going under and helping out when I’m on top (and doing it all with a little grace).

Get after it. I tweeted in December that I wanted a vinyl wall quote that says “get after it” because I love the way my British friends command me to get my shit together. I absolutely cannot attain any of my goals by spewing hot air about them. I have to do something today to wake up in my dreams tomorrow. Want a job? Get after it. Want to tone up? Get after it. Want to learn how to cornrow? Get after it. I’ve got to get up, lace up those boots, check out that book, submit that story, start that conversation, search that how-to, and get the heck after it.

Move mountains as directed. Getting after it isn’t a one-and-done thing. It involves the daily commitment to attaining what I’m after. Want a job? Write another cover letter today. Want to tone up? Lift those weights today. Want to learn to cornrow? Watch that Youtube tutorial again today. You don’t wrap your arms around the base of a mountain and heave. You chip away at it, a little every day. Shortcuts and quick fixes don’t work. I have to work.

Honestly, truly, stop scamming yourself. I’ve got drive like a Maserati, but put that power in the wrong direction and I crash and burn. Every time.  I spent a grotesque amount of time, money, and resources applying to a grad program last year. In retrospect, I played myself. My love of learning came second to a digging ulterior motive. The truth, whether I knew it then or not, was that I wanted an out. I wanted out of my situation. I wanted a change of scenery and I thought school was the only way. I tried to fit my abstract why into that little application box. Now all I can say is lol thank God for the waitlist.

Find that balance. Someone with my circumstance (read: diagnosis) knows the constant surge of happiness and despair coursing through my spirit all the damn time. In 2017 I’m garnering the bravery to feel all of the outrageous things, and the strength to act on none of them.

You need to quit it.  This year I accept that some things just do not work. Trying to be something I’m not is exhausting. Folding myself into a church, a friendship, an occupation, a life, that doesn’t fit only hurts me. I’ll exhaust myself trying to keep up, stay down, and fit in. It is high time to quit it.

This is what I’m poppin’ this year. What remedies are y’all using for a better 2017?

xo,  Roco

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