Introducing Ever So August!

We’re halfway through the month, I know. But when God reminds you what you’re made for, you sorta kinda have to take action. So we’re going with it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard this story. My girl Angie hit me up last week asking me to create a writing challenge to keep her engaged for the remainder of August. I had two immediate thoughts about this:

  1. Hell yes!
  2. Hell. Freaking. Yes.

One hour later #EverSoAugust was born! A writing challenge comprised of prompts that speak to August 2017. Some are silly, some are deep. All are up to your interpretation. I’ll be posting a few here and a few on my Instagram.

To participate simply use the #EverSoAugust hashtag on any platform (so we can all see your greatness!)

I’m incredibly moved and grateful for all who have participated thus far on Instagram, Twitter, (and even in my DMs!) There is literally no reason I shouldn’t have created a writing challenge sooner. Thank you Angie Ang for the push! Happy Writing!

xo,  Roco

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