Could, Should, Will

So here we are at day two. Day 2 of “I’m not sick I’m just tired with an itchy throat, stuffy nose, and a slight cough.” Day 2 of “Oh the soup? Yeah, girl I love soup. Eat it all the time.” Day 2 of “No thanks, I can’t have tea. I gave it up for Lent.” Day 2 of Netflix binging and bed rest. And with bed rest comes the unwelcome existentialism from which I cannot run because, well, I’m too tired to run.

So I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking. And I just had one of those moments while browsing some of my favorite blogs. One of those sideways-glance-at-a-successful-person moments. One of those moments when you think Hey, I could be doing that. I SHOULD be doing that. 

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing that.  That’s my affirmation today: I can, I should, I will.

K, see ya! From Netflix I came and to Netflix I shall return.

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xo,  Roco

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