6 Things I’m Only Comfortable Admitting With #NotCrazyButHuman [GIVEAWAY]


Next Wednesday Yetti’s Certified 10 is making the mental health space for women of color a little more comfortable by inviting you to tweet (or Instagram, or Facebook) about your insecurities, flaws, or mental health battle. It’s going down July 5th & 6th. More details AND a #NotCrazyButHuman Care Package giveaway at the end of this post!

But first, let me confess. These are the things I’m only comfortable admitting because of the #NotCrazyButHuman campaign:

  1. I throw tantrums. Often. They say I was an adult when I was little and that I’m now making up for it. When I’m upset, I punch walls. I throw things. I smash things. I rip things. I stab things. I once went to the thrift store and bought porcelain dodads for the sole purpose of shattering them into a thousand cathartic pieces. I absorb everything until a seemingly minor incident, like having to park on the far side of the commuter lot because I’m late, sends me over the edge, screaming and banging the steering wheel. You see a tantrum. I see all that went wrong leading up to it. I’m not crazy. I’m an internalizer.
  2. I can’t sleep if I don’t exhaust myself. That means I work, walk, play, run, argue, whatever I need to do to be bone tired by bedtime. Otherwise, if I’m disturbed mid-slumber, I can’t get back to sleep. Take this morning, for instance. Awakened at 1:48 am. Been up since. Not crazy, but hyper-aroused. All de time.
  3. *whispers* I see big ankles. Well, sometimes. My bodily self-perception is super skewed, and it really just depends on the day. On Monday I might see cankles, where on Tuesday I see the sexiest legs in Hollywood NoVa. On Wednesday I’m a whale, where on Thursday I’m Tracee Ellis Ross. I’m not crazy. I suffer from cognitive distortions.
  4. Sometimes I choose to suffer. I don’t ask for much help. I backspace a lot of S.O.S. tweets and texts. I let my thumb hover over the call button. I walk into a room to request assistance, only to walk out again, lips sealed tight. Sometimes I feel like the struggle to get through on my own is preferable to the disappointment I might feel if someone doesn’t respond the way I want them to. I’m not crazy. I’m just feel like disappointment is worse than despair.
  5. I’m uncooperative. My number one answer to any question you ask me is “why?” Even if I don’t flat-out ask you, “why?” is 100% what I’m thinking. Why are you asking about my schedule? Why do you want to know about my weekend? Why are you so concerned about my nail color, my writing process, my meal plan? The way my anxiety is set up, I have questions for your questions. I’m not crazy. My anxiety just puts me on the defense.
  6. The best time to get close to me is never. Do not walk behind me. Do not poke me. Do. not. whisper. in. my. ear. Don’t pat my back. Don’t snuggle up to me uninvited. I’m not crazy. Just very reserved. I’m not crazy. I’m protective of my personal space.

In my head these sound weird. On my blog these look weirder. But most of the quirks we think set us apart actually bring us together. So what will you refuse to be ashamed of now thanks to the #NotCrazyButHuman campaign? I want to hear them! So much so that I’m partnering with Certified 10 for a Not Crazy But Human Care Package giveaway! Because we care!

These the rules:

Tweet & share your human qualities using the hashtag #NotCrazyButHuman between now and July 5th and win The #NotCrazyButHuman Self Care Package:


  1. Hello Sunshine Happy pad (cause we all need a little sunshine)
  2. No. 1 cork journal (Always take care of numero uno!)
  3. Inspirational push pins (for that extra push!)


a Rafflecopter giveaway
But wait, there’s more! Tweet & share your human qualities using the hashtag #NotCrazyButHuman on July 5th & 6th (Don’t worry I’ll remind you!) and you’ll win The #NotCrazyButHuman Super Self Care Package:


The #NotCrazyButHuman Super Self Care Package* includes:

  1. A Certified 10 tote (Cause you got to carry on)
  2. Happy Pad 3-pack (Cause today IS awesome, you CAN, and you will, do this!)
  3. Honey & collagen hydrating facial mask (the only mask you should wear around others)
  4. A sleeping eye mask (get your rest on!)
  5. Green tea eye pads (stay calm, cool, & collected)
  6. Keep Smiling pen (shaped like a pencil, actually a pen, stupid cool.)
  7. $20 Amazon gift card (Because, duh, Amazon!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners for both giveaways will be drawn July 8th! You can enter both, but you can’t win both. If your name is drawn for both, you’ll receive the bigger package and we’ll redraw for the other.You literally can’t lose. I’m so excited to see you guys open up about your human characteristics. What are you waiting for? Share share share!

While I have you here, check out (and share) the Certified 10 video!


*Disclaimer. Bag and eye mask pictured are mine. Yours will be brand new, and therefore may look different. Amazon gift card not pictured.
xo,  Roco

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